Kepler is a community of software developers building open software to help make Lua a viable option for development of web applications. Kepler was originally started by Fábrica Digital and PUC-Rio in 2004 but has had many other contributors since . While it initially was deployed as unified web platform, it has evolved into a collection of separate projects using a common set of standards. Our projects use LuaRocks for installing components and many use WSAPI as the server API.

Applications and Frameworks

app WSAPI - an API that abstracts the web host server from Lua web applications; the base for many projects.

app Xavante - a Lua Web server that offers a WSAPI interface.

app Orbit - an MVC web framework for Lua, based on WSAPI.

app Sputnik - a wiki/CMS developed over WSAPI on Kepler Project - for humor and entertainment

Nuts and Bolts

module Copas - a dispatcher based on coroutines that can be used by TCP/IP servers.

module Cosmo - a "safe templates" engine that protects your application from arbitrary code in the templates.

module Coxpcall - encapsulates Lua native pcall and xpcall with coroutine compatible ones.

module LuaFileSystem - a portable way to access the underlying directory structure and file attributes.

module Rings - a library which provides a way to create new Lua states from within Lua.

Development Tools

  • LuaRocks - a deployment and management system for Lua modules. Used by the other projects here.
  • LuaDoc - a documentation generator tool, convenient like for Lua source code
  • LuaProfiler - a time profiler for Lua
  • RemDebug - a remote debugger for Lua

Other projects:

  • CGILua - offers LuaPages and LuaScripts web page creation, based on WSAPI but no longer supported. Use Orbit, Sputnik or WSAPI instead.
  • LuaExpat - a SAX XML parser based on the Expat library
  • LuaLogging - a simple API to use logging features in Lua
  • LuaSQL - a simple interface from Lua to various DBMS
  • LuaZip - a library used to read files stored inside zip files
  • MD5/DES56 - MD5 and DES56 basic cryptographic facilities for Lua

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The Basics of Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping share the same goals: (1) to keep track of your cash flow, thus giving you the chance to improve productivity, and (2) to collect your business’ financial data for filing various tax returns and tax registration papers.

Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? Well, it can really be, especially if you keep these goals in mind whenever you feel overwhelmed by the details of your financial records. Whether you’re doing your accounting on ledger sheets or using accounting software, they follow the same principles.

1. Keeping Receipts

A summary of your company’s expenses and income is the heart of the accounting process. Every sale and purchase must be supported by some type of record that contains the amount, date, and other relevant information about the product. Whether you keep slips in a drawer or in a computer system, make sure not to lose these documents as they will serve as support to the figures in the business report.

However, practically speaking, you’d want to use a system that fits to your business’ needs. Basic ledgers can work just fine for smaller records, but for a company with more sales and expenditure, an accounting software package would be an ideal option for your company.

2. Setting Up and Posting to Ledgers

A completed ledger contains a summary of financial income, expenditures, and other important details of the things you’re keeping track of. Later on, you will use this summary to answer specific financial queries about your company, such as whether you’re making a profit and how much you’re making in a certain span of time.

Setting Up Ledgers. For hand-entry system, ledger pads can be used. Alternatively, for a more efficient data entry, you can purchase an accounting software package, which can generate its own ledgers as you enter your information. Any Singapore business can make use of these computer-based Singapore accounting software programs to make bookkeeping easier and more secure. Once you have entered your daily, weekly, or monthly postings, accounting software makes preparation of monthly and yearly financial reports much easier.

Posting Schedule. On a regular basis—perhaps every day, once a week, or once a month—you should transfer the amounts on the receipts of sales and purchases into the ledger, which is called ‘posting’. The frequency of doing this depends on how often you make sales and/or purchases and how detailed you want your record to be. For Singapore businesses that only make a few large transactions a month, such as a web design company and swimming pool repair company, a weekly or a monthly posting would be fine.

3. Creating Financial Reports

Regular financial reports are critical records as they bring together key pieces of your company’s financial status. Yes, your income ledger can tell you that your business makes a lot of money during the year, but do you know if you’re making a profit with all the expenses you make?

Creating even the most basic financial reports makes it easier for you to see how much you’re making in a certain amount of time by measuring your income against your total expenses. Financial reports combine data and summarize it to get a bird’s eye view of your business. Using an accounting software program will let you easily create the relevant reports you need, such as cash flow analysis, balance sheet, and profit and loss forecast.

Accounting and bookkeeping are crucial elements of managing a business. Figures and information entered into these records must be accurate and truthful to every transaction made by the company. To ensure flawless records and faster processes, make use of a computer-based system and take advantage of today’s cutting-edge accounting software programs.

Mobile CRM: What Is It and Why You Need It?

A mobile device is not just a portable communication gadget. For many company owners and managers here in Singapore, it is practically part of their daily necessities to survive. Smartphones always go with us—it sits with us on the table, keep us company in the bathroom and sleeps beside us in bed.

With the ever evolving needs of human, technology has got to adopt. The mobile features of technology have quenched the thirst of business-minded people for better processes and productivity. But has your business CRM system received the memo? Despite the countless benefits of mobile CRM and the tight competition in the industry, many companies and organizations in Singapore are still stuck on non-mobile solutions. To convince you to finally make the big leap, here’s a few of the many reasons why a mobile CRM software is beneficial for your growing company.

1. Mobile CRM is flexible
Depending on the industry, it is unlikely that your entire sales team stays seated in the office the whole day. In fact, some sales staffs only see their desks in the office several times a month. Regardless where your team members are, whether just down the office hall or in Europe, you can be sure that they have their phones with them always.

Mobile CRM software lets every person in the team access essential information and get the work done while on the go. They do not need to go back to the office or look for a PC to get the job done.

2. Mobile CRM can streamline your sales process
Ideally, sales workforce should focus on getting more sales and new customers. However, administrative tasks get in the way and easily eat up significant amount of their time. If your CRM system does not have mobile features that allow automatic update of contact information, assigning tasks to every team member and logging of new leads, all of these things will have to wait until your staffs get back at their office table.

3. Mobile CRM lets you answer anytime, anywhere
Utilizing a CRM software from Singapore for your sales management and customer relationship management already is a plus to your business operations; adding in a mobile feature on brings much more benefits to your overall productivity. Combining cloud CRM and mobility will give your workforce a whole new dimension of customer relationship management capabilities. Not only will your patrons be able to contact you whichever way they prefer, but you can respond and manage every case the best way possible with the help of your CRM.

4. Mobile CRM provides real-time responses
For sales agents, every minute counts. Even a short five-minute delay to business processes can cost them a major sales opportunity. So, try to figure out how many deals your sales reps would miss of they are not equipped with mobile CRM.

With mobile CRM, every sales agent can send and receive responses from their clients, prospects, co-agents and team leaders even when they are in the field. Mobile CRM allows you to quickly respond to your prospects’ queries while you’re on your way to meeting another one.

5. Mobile CRM is ideal for collaborative works
In today’s age of business and marketing, collaboration is the key. There are times you will need to do collaborative works with your teammates to come up with the best solution to a customer or prospect client’s concern.

Mobile CRM can help by providing you a detailed history of recent activities and other important data to engage with clients and leads. In addition, you can share opportunities in real-time with member of your marketing, sales and/or customer service reps.

6. Mobile CRM enhances your customer service
Whether through phone call or personal meeting, when clients and prospects speak with you, they expect you to know everything about your products and services and to understand their needs. Consumers can be demanding and want fast solutions and responses.

Mobile CRM lets you access all customer data anytime. This way, you can eliminate back-and-forth calls and focus more on providing choices for solutions according to the needs of your client. As a result, you will impress your clients and more likely to close deals with prospects.

Mobile CRM—Selling While On the Move
Integration of mobile CRM to your business operations can provide significant improvement to your sales management. Everyone in your team can update information and synchronize all records while on the move and share data in real-time through cloud CRM. Your staff can do their duties without being dependent on PC units and be able to conveniently perform everyday tasks, such as the following:

• Join meetings from remote locations through online calling
• Plan everyday tasks through calendar integration
• Manage sales effectively through sales reports and analytics
• Access and update lead and customer information
• Share files with the rest of the team

Today’s CRM platforms can provide so much more elements. Add cloud-based feature and you are no longer saving your files in a local network—you’re saving it live and where everyone can access it from whichever device they choose. Every team member has the complete analytics and data right at their fingertips for better customer relationship management. The entire team can access all sorts of data, from sales reports to customer information, wherever and whenever they need and want.

Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.

Interviewing Property Management Companies

Hiring a real estate management company is highly beneficial to securing your investments and keeping the frantic estate maintenance processes out of your hands. Although it’s possible to manage your own properties, hiring someone to do the task is something you might want to think about, especially for those who does not have the skills to maintain, say, a condominium, a house, or any building for rent.

Looking for the right estate managing agent can be a daunting task. If you’re considering this option for the first time, you may not have any idea how to judge and what to look for in a condo manager. Though we can’t pinpoint which manager to hire, we can certainly suggest a few important points to cover when interviewing Singapore estate management companies, and these are the most important to include in your list.

• Marketing Vacancies
A good management company is aggressive when it comes to marketing their products. No landlords and estate owners want their property to stay vacant for a long time. Remember that the purpose of hiring a condo manager is to spare yourself the headache, not to create them due to inefficient management personnel.

• Showing of Properties
Asking about the procedure of showing properties to prospect tenants will not only describe the precautions that the property management uses, but will also help obtain quality renters. For instance, showing properties only on weekdays 9 to 5pm, decreases the chances of getting tenants with regular jobs.

• Qualification of Tenants
This item is probably the most important matter to cover when interviewing property management companies. Make sure to hear something about background checks as part of the process of screening prospect tenants. A simple background investigation can already be a big help in finding negative history about a potential renter, thus saving you from great loss.

• Collecting Late Rents
Find out how the managing agent collects late rents and how they handle eviction cases. Usually, legitimate firms provide late payment notice, which should state the deadline of the payment, the rental fee that is due, and the amount the tenant will accumulate each day the rent is not paid.

• Maintenance Works
For the convenience of your tenants, make sure your property management company provides regular estate maintenance. Quality agents like property management Singapore can provide their own team of workers to do the necessary upkeep of the building, such as plumbing, painting of walls, regular cleaning, and waterproofing.

• Type of Accounting Offered
It is best to find out beforehand the kind of accounting services that a managing agent offers to the property owners. Bear in mind that good accounting scheme means lesser hassle when taxes season approaches.

• Service Fee Structure
From the aforementioned items, you should be able to gauge whether the managing agent you’re dealing with is appropriate for the price. Typically, legitimate property agents in Singapore charge 6 to 12 percent of the rent as their service fee, though this may vary from agent to agent.

Finally, if you find yourself torn between two companies or you’re still unsure whether you’ve covered everything that is necessary, review the contract and make sure to read all the fine prints. Do not hurry things up and, if possible, ask for a copy of contract from each company so you can compare and study them at home.

Why Kahuna Ho Tram Resort in Vietnam is the Place to Be

Vietnam is no longer one of the hidden gems in the Southeast Asia region due to its growing in popularity among travelers and tourists. Vietnam is not just historically and culturally-rich, but it’s also endowed with hundreds of beautiful destinations from its national parks to pristine beaches to imposing pre-colonial temples. You’d have a hard time picking a few destinations when you travel to Vietnam because there’s so much to see.

Vũng Tàu, Vietnam
If you decide to explore other cities outside Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most recommended destinations is Vũng Tàu city. Vũng Tàu is part of both a commercial and industrial province in the country and is located in a peninsula separated from the mainland by the Co May river.

• History. Like most of Vietnam, Vũng Tàu is rich in history and was originally called Tam Thang, but was later renamed to Vũng Tàu during the Saigon administration. In pre-colonial times, it was a part of the Nguyen Dynasty’s Bien Hoa province. It was also an important trading post in the 14th and 15th centuries and was pivotal in the outcome of the French-Vietnamese war in 1859. Primarily a fishing town, Vũng Tàu was considered a tourist spot even by the soldiers during the Vietnam War.

• Commerce. Even if its role in trading has diminished over the years, it’s still an important stop in the country’s petroleum industry, with a large number of foreign workers living in the city and supporting the gas and crude oil industries.

• Destinations. There are so many things to do and so many sights to see at Vũng Tàu, and getting around the city is more fun with the continuous development of breathtaking destinations in the area. Some of the sights that are worth visiting are the Vũng Tàu Market, Bach Dinh, Martyr’s Memorial, Trung Vuong Square, Thắng Tam Local Gods Communal House, Thắng Tam Temple, Vũng Tàu Lighthouse, Jesus Statue on Small Mountain, the pagodas of Thích Ca Phật Đài and Niết Bàn Tịnh Xá, The Cloud Lake Park, and several beaches near Big Mount and Small Mount.

• Tourism. Accommodations in Vũng Tàu rival that of hotels, restaurants, beaches, and condos in Ho Chi Minh City. Take your pick from its world-class resorts, cafes, hotels, Vung Tau condo, private villas, pubs, and grills. There are various activities available for everyone as well, such as, biking, climbing, golf, swimming, and hiking.

Kahuna Ho Tram
There are more places to see in Vũng Tàu, although most of these places are still being developed, including the luxurious Kahuna Ho Tram Vietnam. The Kahuna Ho Tram Resort specifically is one of the newest additions in the growing tourist hotspot, which includes several property investment buildings like the beach villa for sale, villa beside golf course destinations, and holiday resort investment. The project began in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2019.

• Ho Tram Strip. One of Vũng Tàu’s best destinations is the Ho Tram Strip, which has attracted local and foreign investments for development since 2013. It includes one of the country’s earliest integrated resorts and is internationally-known for its excellent service, accommodations, and entertainment hubs. It’s like the Vegas of Vietnam and is also has one of Asia’s best golf courses. Now, there is a chance to invest in condo within the vicinity through various property investment opportunities.

• Features. The Kahuna Ho Tram features world-class amenities and destinations that will help Vũng Tàu’s growing popularity as a rest and relaxation destination for both locals and foreign tourists. The Kahuna Ho Tram project includes your very own Vung Tau condo, access to various beach resorts, beach club, villa beside golf course, and other entertainment and shopping facilities.

The holiday resort investment in Kahuna Ho Tram is still open for those who are interested in premium units with the best amenities in the area. Invest in condo overlooking the pristine beaches in Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, whether it’s a condotel, your own beach front villa, or a garden villa. These beach villa for sale are guaranteed of their award-winning standards in quality that has made Kahuna Ho Tram a world-renowned destination.

How Freight Forwarder Can Benefit Your Business

Freight forwarding industry in Singapore has become more evident over the years. This growth is attributed to the increase in number of manufacturing, e-commerce and retail sectors. Under such scenario, what is the relevance of freight forwarding companies?

A freight forwarding company is a logistics company that transports goods from one place to another and does all the arrangements necessary for the transport of goods. Whether your shipments are for local freight or international freight, import or export, the freight forwarder will facilitate the transportation and all the paper works and legalities that come along with it.

So, why you do you think your business needs a freight forwarding company? What are the benefits you can get if you hire one?

1. Hassle-Free Transport of Products
An international freight forwarder is well-acquainted of the logistics requirements of different countries. Hiring a reputable shipping company will allow you to enjoy these benefits, as well as give you the privilege to take advantage of their established relationships with various overseas carriers for both air freight and sea freight. Part of a shipping company’s freight forwarding services are taking care of custom clearance, storage and delivery of goods, negotiating freight charges, booking cargo space, arranging carriers for goods and all documentary requirements needed for the transportation of items.

2. Consolidation
Consolidation of delivery is one of the top reasons why transportation of goods through a freight forwarder in Singapore is significantly cheaper. Consolidation is the act of combining multiple small deliveries to make one large shipment. The greater the size of your goods, the lesser amount you will have to pay for the transport fee.

3. Cost Savings
Freight forwarding companies are master negotiators in the world of trade. With their years of extensive experience and established relationships with carriers for air freight and sea freight, they can always get the best rates that will save your company huge chunk of money. Freight forwarders can always collect high volumes of goods from different shippers in one shipment, considerably reducing transportation costs.

4. Insurance
A good logistics services company provides insurance for the shipment of your goods. Having an insurance policy is the most secure way to ensure the safety of your items. An insurance will protect your shipments from damage, loss or theft while being shipped.

5. Shipment Tracking
It can be worrying when you have large volumes of goods in transit, especially if you’re still a start-up business. As the shipper and company owner, it will give you peace of mind if you know the status of your shipment and when they will reach the destination. Freight forwarders are able to track your shipments and tell you exactly the current location of goods, when they will arrive and even give you a timeline of when they will reach the destination.

6. Route Optimization
Reputable logistics companies in Singapore are members of international trade networks, which make them capable of choosing the best route for shipment of goods. When a logistics company book a cargo space for a shipment, they can advise on the best route selection and transport schedules depending on client requirements.

7. Versatility
A freight forwarder provides versatility of services, which comes handy when aiming to meet strict deadlines and, especially, when dealing with unforeseen circumstances. An experienced logistics company has the right resources to handle these kinds of situations, which usually require rerouting of shipments in order to minimize delay. Imagine shipping goods from Singapore to US, Europe and China, but one of the shipments being diverted to another destination because of extremely bad weather. How prepared are you if you choose to ship your goods your way? Working with a freight forwarder will save you from headaches caused by such unexpected surprises.

8. Safe Product Management
Freight forwarding services will do the packaging, storage, handling and distribution of your goods if you choose to work with them. Most logistics services companies are equipped with site warehouses not only for storage of items but also for packaging, handling and sorting of deliveries.

Do You Need a Freight Forwarding Company?
Any type and size of business that transports goods internationally, or even locally, can benefit from freight forwarding services. If you are a medium- or large-sized firm that’s active in multiple locations overseas and are shipping large volumes of goods on a regular basis, the more you need the services of a seasoned freight forwarding company. Shipping companies are experts in global trade that they can cut costs significantly and take care of last-minute shipping problems smoothly.

Some of the many instances a freight forwarding company are of great help for businesses are these two:

Blind Shipment. This means that one or both parties involved in the delivery of goods is unaware of the other’s identity. Business firms can request for this type of shipment if they want the supplier to ship directly the items to the buyer. To maintain the anonymity, freight forwarding is your best option. They are well-knowledgeable on the complexities that come along with blind shipments and will make sure that the involved parties remain anonymous.

Credit Terms. When shipping large deliveries internationally, the shipper is expected to pay for the freight costs. For many small and medium enterprises, that’s quite a lot to take at a time. After establishing a relationship with a shipping company, they can offer you credit terms that allow you to ship more quantity of goods by freeing up some cash flow.

In general, freight forwarding companies offer a wide range of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Although not all freight forwarders are the same, you will surely find one that will provide the most benefit for your business’ productivity.

Protecting Your Brand Through Trademark Registration

Trademarks are often overlooked by many businesses. This unfortunate fact has led to legal repercussions and lawsuits, with companies battling for intellectual property rights in court. Business owners often forget that trademark registration is as crucial as proper budgeting and allocation of resources. Having a registered mark can pave assurance and security for your organization in the long run.

Establishing your trademark or brand is not the end of it. You might have registered a trendy, professional company name – but you must also work hard to uphold the organization’s reputation. Accordingly, it is only pivotal to protect your brand if you want your business endeavor to achieve success. Consumers would want to patronize a brand that they can wholeheartedly trust.

Trademark Registration

Before you register trademark, you must first have a firm understanding of trademarks itself. A dictionary definition would tell you that a trademark is: any unique word, phrases, symbol, or name that distinguishes (or identifies) the products of a seller from the rest. A classic example is Nike’s swoosh/check logo, which is now recognized across the globe.

Trademarks enable the seller to protect what’s being trademarked (goods/services) from use or misuse by other competitors. Establishing a brand also develops patronage and loyalty among avid customers.

Additionally, trademarks that are registered with register trademark in Singapore also prevent confusion and manipulation of consumers who associate certain attributes with a brand. This is particularly true among people who seek the highest quality in the products they buy. For instance, people associate bags from signature brands with class, elegance, and the best quality. Designer brands then necessarily have to register TM if they want to protect their name and their brand.

Is it Unique?

In deciding which logo or trademark to use for your company’s trademark, ask yourself this question first: Is it unique? A unique brand name is important to create an impact among potential consumers.

A logo is considerably unique when combined with the appropriate symbol/s, along with the company name, proper spatial relationship, and effective coloring. The more unique your brand is, the better it’d be in distinguishing your brand among the many other brands in Singapore and across the globe.

Generic Terms

When it comes to trademark registration, brand names and assets can only be legally trademarked if they meet certain qualifications. These assets include logos and taglines, as well as packaging. A commonly used phrase cannot be trademarked, nor is a name that is already used/connected with another commercial product or service.

With that, generic terms such as “smart phone” and “computer” cannot be legally trademarked – but unique names such as Apple’s “iPhone” and “iMac Pro” can be.


If your business is aiming to advertise directly to customers, it is encouraged to register trademark beforehand. It is a pivotal move in connecting your company’s name to its brand and other attributes, especially when you’re using your business name in direct communication among customers.
You must prioritize trademark registration if your brand name is a large part of your marketing. So, before you use your business name on fliers, website posts, or press releases – ensure that it’s trademarked. Doing so will protect you from being liable in any copyright infringement lawsuits.

Registration Process

1. Creating a distinctive trademark – As was previously mentioned in this article, design a distinctive brand name which is non-generic and not currently in use by other companies. Also, don’t mislead the public about the goods and services that you offer. An effective trademark must encapsulate what you’re offering so that at first glance, consumers or customers will already have an idea if they need what you’re offering.

2. Identification of Applicable Class of Goods and Services – Singapore follows the International Classification of Goods and Services in classifying trademarks, which means that we recognize 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services. To determine the applicable classes on your business, consider the current business you are in and any other business endeavors you are likely to venture into in the future.

3. Filing an application – Minimum requirements include:

    a. A statement of request for registration

    b. Owner’s name and address

    c. List of goods and services you are registering (classified accordingly with the International Classification of Goods and Services’ list)

    d. Clear graphical representation of your trademark (any 3D packaging or shape must have clear line drawings showing the dimensions of the mark)

    e. Declaration of your proposed use of the trademark

4. Review by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) – The office will then review your application thoroughly to ensure that it meets the minimum filing requirements. Should there be any missing details or inappropriately filled sections, your application may be sent back to you. Once you’ve passed this stage, a date of filing will be accorded and a trademark number will be issued to you. This information will be given through an official acknowledgement letter.

5. Screening for conflicts with existing trademarks – After officially acknowledging your trademark, the registrar will then conduct a formal search and screening for conflicting marks and conformance to the International Classification of Goods and Services. Your application will be in the spotlight once again, confirming if the mark is in accordance with Singaporean Trademark laws.

6. Public advertisement – If the application is successfully processed, it will be published and made available for public viewing for public scrutiny. This means that any third party may be able to oppose the mark’s registration within two months of the publication period. You will be notified and prompted to respond urgently if your application receives any opposition. After hearing both parties, a decision on the application will be concluded.

7. Official registration – If there is no opposition to your application, or if the opposition hearing is in favor of your trademark’s registration, you will be issued an official Certificate of Registration. Your trademark will also be rightfully protected for ten years.

10 Important Tips to Avoid Electrical Problems

All your appliances and electronic devices at home are always susceptible to electrical damage, whether the culprit is power surge, faulty wiring or lighting strikes. However, if you now the right things to do, you can prevent the destructive—and expensive—consequences of electrical mishaps. Here are the top precautionary measure to protect your property and—most importantly—your family’s safety.

1. Use a UPS

Avoid using power strips, since they do nothing to protect your electrical devices from power surges and lightning strikes. Install surge protectors and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) devices instead. Connect your sensitive appliances to a UPS or a surge protector, rather than plugging them directly to a power outlet. So in case of power fluctuation or a thunderstorm, the flow of current to your appliances remains stable.

2. Avoid Overloading the Circuits

Overloading is a common cause of serious electrical issues, including electrical fires. This happens when there are too many appliances plugged into one outlet or power strip. If you wish to use a power strip, find one that has internal overload protection. This feature that an electrician in Singapore will recommend helps ensure electrical safety by automatically shutting off the strip when it becomes overload.

3. Leave the Plug Modification to the Professionals

Under no circumstances should you modify electrical plugs on your own. Never remove the ground pin or modify a plug so it will fit into a socket. Doing so will only increase the chance of power shock, electrocution or worse fire. A good electrician should be able to help in changing a device’s plug or replacing outdated two-pronged receptacles with grounded outlets that accommodates a ground pin.

4. Protect Telecommunication Links

Make sure that your desktop computer and network equipment are protected from electrical spies that can travel through communication links. Lighting strikes commonly discharge via cable modem, telephone lines and DSL. The power discharge from lightning can be extensively damaging to your computer as everything from network cards to motherboards can be damaged. A surge protector or UPS device is an effective solution to guard your electronics from lightning damage.

5. Hide Extension Cords

When using extension cords and power strips, make sure not to leave the wire in an open space where it can be stepped on or driven over. The weight of a vehicle or the repeated treading of people can cause the cord protector to break, a damage that can cause electrocution or a fire. Other than exterior damage, frequent friction can also cause internal damage, which is more difficult to spot since it isn’t obvious to the naked eye. Therefore, it’s important to play it safe from the start by properly installing or hiding the wires and cords.

6. Ensure that Electrical Devices Stay Dry

It is one of the fundamental rules of electrical safety: do not mix electricity with water. Keep all your appliances and electrical devices, as well as wires and cables, away from water sources. Likewise, do not plug in, repair or handle electrical equipment with wet hands. Remember that water is a good conductor of electricity. Mixing the two may cause electrocution, which can be fatal to the victim.

7. Keep Flammable Materials Away

Portable heaters are dangerous, but do not overlook, hair dryers and irons, clothing iron and even lamps. As long as an appliance runs on electricity, it can potentially start a fire if it gets in contact with flammable materials, such as rugs, curtains, towels and blankets. Never hide cords and cables under carpets and rugs. If they overheat, they can easily start a fire.

8. Beware of Capacitors

Capacitors are like batteries as they hold electric charge on their own. They are usually found in electrical appliances and equipment that utilize motors, like refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, microwave oven and garage door openers. Although they can be helpful for motors for providing a boost at high voltage, it can deliver a deadly shock when the appliance is unplugged or the circuit power is off. We recommend not working on equipment that’s equipped with capacitors, unless you know how to discharge them properly.

9. Inspect Appliances Annually

Is the TV tingly or hot to the touch? If so, it’s time to call a professional electrician here in Singapore. Also, take note of burning-like smell, flickering lights, plugs that spark when plugged in and appearance of smoke. Bring these things up to your electrician, so they can take a look at every appliance, as well as every plug and wiring, for signs problems. If there’s presence of excessive wear and tear, a licensed electrician will likely suggest having them replaced to ensure your and your property’s safety.

10. Upgrade Your Electrical System Every 10 Years

The need to plug more appliances into one outlet or the reliance on power strips and extension cords is a sign that it’s time to call an electrician services company for an upgrade your home’s electrical works. Professionals recommend having a licensed electrician check your power system every 10 years. Minor upgrades and maintenance works, like ensuring outdoor connection and grounds are secure, can avoid bigger problems in the future.

All electrical issues can cause detrimental effects to your home and to your safety. Considering that one of the major causes of fires is electrical problems, this aspect of your property should be checked and maintained regularly. Call and set an appointment with a professional electrician in Singapore, if you are concerned of the possible effects of minor power glitches. It’s always better to be safe now than to be sorry later.

Are There Disadvantages in Using the VoIP system?

A lot of businesses and homes have long switched over to using a cloud VoIP system, primarily because of the rich features it has on only low operating costs. As a matter of fact, VoIP can help customers save around 60 percent of what they usually pay their standard telephone bill over the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN.

Adapting a VoIP system or a hosted pabx is also practical, in a sense that it allows you to add in a few additional features without having to pay an additional cost. Features upon which users can customize their systems include call forwarding, call transfers, call waiting, and voice mail. Usually, PSTN providers charge the users an extra fee for adding these same features.

However, despite the many advantages of VoIP, it is encouraged to take into account several disadvantages before making the switch to this internet-based system to cater your communication needs. The disadvantages attached to the system must be thoroughly considered to enable you in deciding if it outweighs the advantages or if it’s the other way around.

Some of the most common drawbacks of a cloud voip Singapore IP PBX phone system include bandwidth dependency, power dependency, poor voice quality, unable to make emergency calls, and a compromised security. These factors may or may not affect your decision at all, but it is better that you know where things can turn a different direction or if there are any restrictions attached in using the system so you can have a better communication experience.

Bandwidth Dependency

A VoIP phone system or a hosted pabx is heavily reliant on the internet. While it works over a dial-up connection, it is deemed too slow to cater to your VoIP communication needs hence bandwidth is often the term used in instances related to VoIP Singapore. For one, you are most likely required to have a broadband internet connection should you intend to avail the services of voip in SIngapore your bandwidth must then be enough to address your telephone and communication needs.

VoIP service users, like those who use an IP PBX telephone system, often experience a loss of VoIP phone line services when their connection goes down. It can be likened to a mathematical formula, then, if there is no internet connection then there’s also no phone lines. This can be bothersome at home, or even disastrous for your business needs.

Power Dependency

While PSTN services continue to work fine even when the power is out, using a VoIP service requires a backup system to continue forwarding and receiving calls. Generally, you can’t put to use your VoIP phone system in the event of black outs and brown outs especially when there are major thunderstorms happening near the area. Having a pbx phone system, for instance, needs a broadband connection to be fed through the same power lines other devices use as well.

A number of companies in Singapore opt to purchase a generator and other forms of backup battery systems to keep their VoIP phone lines working despite the event of a power outage. While this is no issue for businesses, homes and other residential customers may find these backup alternatives costly. Another backup solution to VoIP Singapore is the use of mobile phones, so long as they are properly charged and there is a reliable service provided at the location.

Poor Voice Quality

In the past years, the voice quality in VoIP services has improved tremendously. If your business hosts an IP PBX telephone system which is powered by VoIP, you might experience fewer issues and troubles now that high-speed internet connection becomes the norm. There is still a possibility of frequent voice quality problems though, such as delays, garbling, and dropped calls. Issues become more prominent if the VoIP system runs on a low bandwidth, or competes with other applications for resources especially if you are using a personal computer.

An increased internet bandwidth can help solve the issue more often than not. However, if you continuously experience issues and problems — it is better to consult with your VoIP service provider in Singapore to help pinpoint and fix the problem.

Unable to Make Emergency Calls

Hosted VoIP system providers are not required to offer emergency 911 calls, hence customers are not guaranteed that emergency service. Even if they are, the automatic location service is likely disabled, which is in contrast with your PSTN emergency services which can always trace any call to its location. Many businesses are putting in effort to compromise for emergency calls should an unlikely event is set to happen. But, the issue remains as one of the constraints against VoIP.

Singapore Regulations now urge VoIP service providers to resolve emergency service problems and concerns, however there are still issues existing every now and then. Before making the switch, then, it is imperative to discuss any difference from PSTN especially with regards to emergency services with your provider so you’ll gain knowledge on what issues may arise in the long run.

Compromised Security

Since VoIP is an internet-based technology, it poses a number of security problems that a PSTN telephone line doesn’t have. Common security challenges for a VoIP phone service includes phishing attacks, spam, call tampering, viruses and malware, as well as identity theft. If your business has a PBX phone system, which is powered by VoIP, chances are your service provider is taking steps to ensure the network is secure.

Regardless, businesses may still want to make additional security measures to limit service disruption caused by these security breaches.

VoIP indisputably has a lot of advantages to your home and business communication needs. However, the system also poses risks and drawbacks which you may experience in the long run. Before you make the switch from your traditional phone lines to VoIP Singapore, figure out if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages first. This is important to figure out if a VoIP system is the right fit for your telephone needs.

How to Get Your Dog to Smell Nicer

Perhaps you love your dog, but sometimes you can’t stand how your pet usually smells. Dogs don’t have a problem with smelling like themselves, of course, but the odor can be overwhelming to us bipeds who are more accustomed to each other who bathe at least once a day.

Here are a few pet grooming methods you can use to get rid of your dog’s stinky smell in between baths:

Teach your pet to love bath times.

Most dogs are usually fine with being bathed once a month, but bath times can be more frequent depending on their environment and nature. The humid environment of Singapore, for instance, can be a factor. If your dog likes to play in the mud, the moisture can mix with dry skin and stick to the fur, which leads to irritation and matting.

Another is if your dog likes to play in the dirt or likes going on walks, but the common denominator is that dogs generally don’t like being cold in the same way we do. When you bathe them, be sure to use cues to coax them into good behavior, and remember to use lukewarm water.

After bathing, allow your dog to shake the water off and dry them with a towel.

Break out your kitchen cabinet.

Another way to get rid of the dog smell is by breaking out the vinegar and baking soda.

Baking soda is known for being a natural deodorant for pets – sprinkle some directly on your dog’s coat and gently massage it with a towel into your pet’s skin. You can also apply cornstarch as an alternative to their paws and armpits.

Vinegar is also a good way to clean your dog’s fur. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water, and then shake and mist your dog. Be sure to not spray it in your pet’s eyes and ears.


Groom their fur/hair.

Who can resist those luscious locks? Your dog’s fur is their crowning glory, after all, and that means that their fur should be taken care off. This includes getting combs and brushes specifically designed for pet grooming in Singapore.

Dogs with short fur coats should be fine with just being brushed, but if your dog’s fur or hair is long, it might run the risk of getting matted. If you already have experience with trimming their fur, be sure to do so gently as to not freak them out.

Your pet’s fur shouldn’t be the only thing to pay attention to – you should also remember to clean their ears and their teeth. Because ear infections can be common among dogs, make it a habit to prevent this with wipes or mineral oil and ear cleaners.

If you don’t like doing so yourself, take them to a nearby grooming service.


Take them to a pet grooming service.

There are many pet grooming services in Singapore who specialize not just in making sure your dog gets the best bath time a pet could have, but also clean their teeth, ears, and even their anus, all for a reasonable price. Some veterinarians are also happy to offer this service, as well as advice on how to keep your dog healthy.

What are you waiting for? Visit a local grooming service today!