How to Get Your Dog to Smell Nicer

Perhaps you love your dog, but sometimes you can’t stand how your pet usually smells. Dogs don’t have a problem with smelling like themselves, of course, but the odor can be overwhelming to us bipeds who are more accustomed to each other who bathe at least once a day.

Here are a few pet grooming methods you can use to get rid of your dog’s stinky smell in between baths:

Teach your pet to love bath times.

Most dogs are usually fine with being bathed once a month, but bath times can be more frequent depending on their environment and nature. The humid environment of Singapore, for instance, can be a factor. If your dog likes to play in the mud, the moisture can mix with dry skin and stick to the fur, which leads to irritation and matting.

Another is if your dog likes to play in the dirt or likes going on walks, but the common denominator is that dogs generally don’t like being cold in the same way we do. When you bathe them, be sure to use cues to coax them into good behavior, and remember to use lukewarm water.

After bathing, allow your dog to shake the water off and dry them with a towel.

Break out your kitchen cabinet.

Another way to get rid of the dog smell is by breaking out the vinegar and baking soda.

Baking soda is known for being a natural deodorant for pets – sprinkle some directly on your dog’s coat and gently massage it with a towel into your pet’s skin. You can also apply cornstarch as an alternative to their paws and armpits.

Vinegar is also a good way to clean your dog’s fur. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water, and then shake and mist your dog. Be sure to not spray it in your pet’s eyes and ears.


Groom their fur/hair.

Who can resist those luscious locks? Your dog’s fur is their crowning glory, after all, and that means that their fur should be taken care off. This includes getting combs and brushes specifically designed for pet grooming in Singapore.

Dogs with short fur coats should be fine with just being brushed, but if your dog’s fur or hair is long, it might run the risk of getting matted. If you already have experience with trimming their fur, be sure to do so gently as to not freak them out.

Your pet’s fur shouldn’t be the only thing to pay attention to – you should also remember to clean their ears and their teeth. Because ear infections can be common among dogs, make it a habit to prevent this with wipes or mineral oil and ear cleaners.

If you don’t like doing so yourself, take them to a nearby grooming service.


Take them to a pet grooming service.

There are many pet grooming services in Singapore who specialize not just in making sure your dog gets the best bath time a pet could have, but also clean their teeth, ears, and even their anus, all for a reasonable price. Some veterinarians are also happy to offer this service, as well as advice on how to keep your dog healthy.

What are you waiting for? Visit a local grooming service today!