Institutional Sponsors

While developed by an open source community, Kepler has been supported by organizations since the beginning and we thank every one of them:

The Kepler Project site is hosted by IMPA. The Kepler logo is courtesy of Miguel Lessa, based on the original Lua logo by A. Nakonechnyj.


In addition to the people who are currently part of Kepler's Dev Team many people have contributed to Kepler along its history. At the risk of omitting several names here they are:

  • Ana Beatriz Noronha
  • Ana Lúcia Moura
  • Ana Vivacqua
  • Antonio Scuri
  • Asko Kauppi
  • Brad Murray
  • Carlos Accioly
  • Danilo Tuler
  • David Burguess
  • Diego Nehab
  • Eduardo Quintao
  • Gary NG
  • Guilherme Martins
  • Jay Carlson
  • João Machado
  • Klaus Ripke
  • Kurt Jung
  • Marcia Tessis
  • Matthew Burke
  • Mauricio Bomfim
  • Michael Broughton
  • Michael Roth
  • Mike Pall
  • Mike Petersen
  • Pedro Maia
  • Rafael Rizzato
  • Renato Crivano
  • Ricardo Calheiros
  • Roberto Ierusalimschy
  • Sérgio Medeiros
  • Stefan Sandberg
  • Thomas Harning
  • Tiago Dionizio
  • Zachary P. Landau


The Kepler Team would like to thank those who has donated equipment to the project. This has helped us in testing Kepler on different platforms.

  • Asko Kauppi - Linksys NSLU2
  • Noemi Rodriguez - Apple iMac
  • Nokia - N770, N800, N95 (through TecWeb)
  • Rodrigo Machado - HP 6945

If you would like to help the team by donating hardware or books please contact us.