To use the Kepler libraries, you need to install LuaRocks.

UNIX Installation Instructions

Please check the WSAPI documentation for details on how to install LuaRocks and WSAPI on UNIX systems.

Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Download Lua for Windows and install it in your machine.
  2. Download the LuaRocks for Lua for Windows package
  3. Expand the package on your Lua for Windows installation directory (C:\Program Files\Lua\5.1 by default).
  4. Open a command prompt (with Administrator privileges so it can write to a directory in Program Files - if you recieve "Error: Failed unpacking rock file", right-click the Command Prompt link on the Start Menu and select "Run as administrator") and use LuaRocks to install WSAPI for Xavante: luarocks install wsapi-xavante
  5. Check the Configuring Web Servers page for configuration and execution details.