Kepler projects relies on the mailing list for most of the communication. Subscribing to the mailing list is the best way to keep up with development. At the moment we are using the same mailing list for discussing future development plans and for answering users questions. Thus, if you can't find an answer on this wiki, don't hesitate to ask on the mailing list.

List subscribers can post to the list directly, but non-subscriber post are subject to approval before going to the list. While this delays such posts, it prevents spam from getting to the list subscribers. And spam we get, a lot.

For those answering messages from the list, the default behaviour for the "reply-to" action is to reply ONLY TO THE AUTHOR of the message, not for the list. To reply to both the author and the list you need to use the "reply-all" action.

While controversial, this behaviour offers two strong advantages:

  • Responses to posts from non-subscribers are correctly sent to both the external user and the list if "reply-all" is used.

  • An occasional post that was supposed to be sent to the whole list but reached only the author beats the eventual post that was supposed to reach only the author but goes the whole list. If you have passed by such an incident you will value this.

Links for the Kepler Project mailing list at Google Groups