How Freight Forwarder Can Benefit Your Business

Freight forwarding industry in Singapore has become more evident over the years. This growth is attributed to the increase in number of manufacturing, e-commerce and retail sectors. Under such scenario, what is the relevance of freight forwarding companies?

A freight forwarding company is a logistics company that transports goods from one place to another and does all the arrangements necessary for the transport of goods. Whether your shipments are for local freight or international freight, import or export, the freight forwarder will facilitate the transportation and all the paper works and legalities that come along with it.

So, why you do you think your business needs a freight forwarding company? What are the benefits you can get if you hire one?

1. Hassle-Free Transport of Products
An international freight forwarder is well-acquainted of the logistics requirements of different countries. Hiring a reputable shipping company will allow you to enjoy these benefits, as well as give you the privilege to take advantage of their established relationships with various overseas carriers for both air freight and sea freight. Part of a shipping company’s freight forwarding services are taking care of custom clearance, storage and delivery of goods, negotiating freight charges, booking cargo space, arranging carriers for goods and all documentary requirements needed for the transportation of items.

2. Consolidation
Consolidation of delivery is one of the top reasons why transportation of goods through a freight forwarder in Singapore is significantly cheaper. Consolidation is the act of combining multiple small deliveries to make one large shipment. The greater the size of your goods, the lesser amount you will have to pay for the transport fee.

3. Cost Savings
Freight forwarding companies are master negotiators in the world of trade. With their years of extensive experience and established relationships with carriers for air freight and sea freight, they can always get the best rates that will save your company huge chunk of money. Freight forwarders can always collect high volumes of goods from different shippers in one shipment, considerably reducing transportation costs.

4. Insurance
A good logistics services company provides insurance for the shipment of your goods. Having an insurance policy is the most secure way to ensure the safety of your items. An insurance will protect your shipments from damage, loss or theft while being shipped.

5. Shipment Tracking
It can be worrying when you have large volumes of goods in transit, especially if you’re still a start-up business. As the shipper and company owner, it will give you peace of mind if you know the status of your shipment and when they will reach the destination. Freight forwarders are able to track your shipments and tell you exactly the current location of goods, when they will arrive and even give you a timeline of when they will reach the destination.

6. Route Optimization
Reputable logistics companies in Singapore are members of international trade networks, which make them capable of choosing the best route for shipment of goods. When a logistics company book a cargo space for a shipment, they can advise on the best route selection and transport schedules depending on client requirements.

7. Versatility
A freight forwarder provides versatility of services, which comes handy when aiming to meet strict deadlines and, especially, when dealing with unforeseen circumstances. An experienced logistics company has the right resources to handle these kinds of situations, which usually require rerouting of shipments in order to minimize delay. Imagine shipping goods from Singapore to US, Europe and China, but one of the shipments being diverted to another destination because of extremely bad weather. How prepared are you if you choose to ship your goods your way? Working with a freight forwarder will save you from headaches caused by such unexpected surprises.

8. Safe Product Management
Freight forwarding services will do the packaging, storage, handling and distribution of your goods if you choose to work with them. Most logistics services companies are equipped with site warehouses not only for storage of items but also for packaging, handling and sorting of deliveries.

Do You Need a Freight Forwarding Company?
Any type and size of business that transports goods internationally, or even locally, can benefit from freight forwarding services. If you are a medium- or large-sized firm that’s active in multiple locations overseas and are shipping large volumes of goods on a regular basis, the more you need the services of a seasoned freight forwarding company. Shipping companies are experts in global trade that they can cut costs significantly and take care of last-minute shipping problems smoothly.

Some of the many instances a freight forwarding company are of great help for businesses are these two:

Blind Shipment. This means that one or both parties involved in the delivery of goods is unaware of the other’s identity. Business firms can request for this type of shipment if they want the supplier to ship directly the items to the buyer. To maintain the anonymity, freight forwarding is your best option. They are well-knowledgeable on the complexities that come along with blind shipments and will make sure that the involved parties remain anonymous.

Credit Terms. When shipping large deliveries internationally, the shipper is expected to pay for the freight costs. For many small and medium enterprises, that’s quite a lot to take at a time. After establishing a relationship with a shipping company, they can offer you credit terms that allow you to ship more quantity of goods by freeing up some cash flow.

In general, freight forwarding companies offer a wide range of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Although not all freight forwarders are the same, you will surely find one that will provide the most benefit for your business’ productivity.