Mobile CRM: What Is It and Why You Need It?

A mobile device is not just a portable communication gadget. For many company owners and managers here in Singapore, it is practically part of their daily necessities to survive. Smartphones always go with us—it sits with us on the table, keep us company in the bathroom and sleeps beside us in bed.

With the ever evolving needs of human, technology has got to adopt. The mobile features of technology have quenched the thirst of business-minded people for better processes and productivity. But has your business CRM system received the memo? Despite the countless benefits of mobile CRM and the tight competition in the industry, many companies and organizations in Singapore are still stuck on non-mobile solutions. To convince you to finally make the big leap, here’s a few of the many reasons why a mobile CRM software is beneficial for your growing company.

1. Mobile CRM is flexible
Depending on the industry, it is unlikely that your entire sales team stays seated in the office the whole day. In fact, some sales staffs only see their desks in the office several times a month. Regardless where your team members are, whether just down the office hall or in Europe, you can be sure that they have their phones with them always.

Mobile CRM software lets every person in the team access essential information and get the work done while on the go. They do not need to go back to the office or look for a PC to get the job done.

2. Mobile CRM can streamline your sales process
Ideally, sales workforce should focus on getting more sales and new customers. However, administrative tasks get in the way and easily eat up significant amount of their time. If your CRM system does not have mobile features that allow automatic update of contact information, assigning tasks to every team member and logging of new leads, all of these things will have to wait until your staffs get back at their office table.

3. Mobile CRM lets you answer anytime, anywhere
Utilizing a CRM software from Singapore for your sales management and customer relationship management already is a plus to your business operations; adding in a mobile feature on brings much more benefits to your overall productivity. Combining cloud CRM and mobility will give your workforce a whole new dimension of customer relationship management capabilities. Not only will your patrons be able to contact you whichever way they prefer, but you can respond and manage every case the best way possible with the help of your CRM.

4. Mobile CRM provides real-time responses
For sales agents, every minute counts. Even a short five-minute delay to business processes can cost them a major sales opportunity. So, try to figure out how many deals your sales reps would miss of they are not equipped with mobile CRM.

With mobile CRM, every sales agent can send and receive responses from their clients, prospects, co-agents and team leaders even when they are in the field. Mobile CRM allows you to quickly respond to your prospects’ queries while you’re on your way to meeting another one.

5. Mobile CRM is ideal for collaborative works
In today’s age of business and marketing, collaboration is the key. There are times you will need to do collaborative works with your teammates to come up with the best solution to a customer or prospect client’s concern.

Mobile CRM can help by providing you a detailed history of recent activities and other important data to engage with clients and leads. In addition, you can share opportunities in real-time with member of your marketing, sales and/or customer service reps.

6. Mobile CRM enhances your customer service
Whether through phone call or personal meeting, when clients and prospects speak with you, they expect you to know everything about your products and services and to understand their needs. Consumers can be demanding and want fast solutions and responses.

Mobile CRM lets you access all customer data anytime. This way, you can eliminate back-and-forth calls and focus more on providing choices for solutions according to the needs of your client. As a result, you will impress your clients and more likely to close deals with prospects.

Mobile CRM—Selling While On the Move
Integration of mobile CRM to your business operations can provide significant improvement to your sales management. Everyone in your team can update information and synchronize all records while on the move and share data in real-time through cloud CRM. Your staff can do their duties without being dependent on PC units and be able to conveniently perform everyday tasks, such as the following:

• Join meetings from remote locations through online calling
• Plan everyday tasks through calendar integration
• Manage sales effectively through sales reports and analytics
• Access and update lead and customer information
• Share files with the rest of the team

Today’s CRM platforms can provide so much more elements. Add cloud-based feature and you are no longer saving your files in a local network—you’re saving it live and where everyone can access it from whichever device they choose. Every team member has the complete analytics and data right at their fingertips for better customer relationship management. The entire team can access all sorts of data, from sales reports to customer information, wherever and whenever they need and want.

Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.